• Mission

    Unicef at MSU strives to organize students for the survival, protection, and development of children worldwide through education, advocacy, and fundraising as Unicef at MSU through the U.S. Fund for Unicef.

  • UNICEF Honors Night

    UNICEF’s Honors Night is an event to recognize the hard work officers and club members have dedicated to humanitarian causes. We will be inducting new members and granting awards to some of our most outstanding members and officers. We will also take some time to reminisce the humanitarian causes we have discussed, the events we have had, and all the success we have accomplished together throughout the semester. Come join us in a dinner celebrating a great semester among friends, family, and partners.

  • Trick or Treat for UNICEF

    Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF is an educational and fundraising event that provides an opportunity for individuals to learn about those in need while fundraising on their behalf. It focuses on raising funds to improve the well-being of children who suffer from some of our world’s most detrimental effects. A donation to the Trick-or-Treat fundraiser will help alleviate children and their families who were impacted by the hurricane in the Bahamas and to also support child survivors of sexual abuse in Belize.

  • Fundraiser Guide




    Why Trick or Treat for UNICEF?

    Message from Heidi Klum

  • Privilege Walk

    The purpose of a privilege walk is to educate and bring awareness to individuals on the ways in which privilege prevails within our day-to-day lives. The privilege walk shall provide an opportunity to discover the unforeseeable ways of how different forms of privilege can affect certain outcomes within our daily lives. Privilege is also a large factor that affects the well-being of others. Thus, this exercise will enlighten our perspectives about the ways in which we as individuals can unite to fight for change and social justice. This privilege walk shall accentuate the ways in which privilege is embedded within each of our individualized upbringings. Throughout this activity, individuals will become aware of the ways in which a substantial amount of resources, along with opportunities that are available to us, are often aligned with certain forms of privilege. This activity will give us an opportunity to experience life through an unfamiliar perspective while bringing a sense of unity into our very own collective humanity

    To educate about the experiences of the disadvantaged and to provide awareness of differences in an individual’s life. The Privilege Walk will open up new perspectives on how we live our lives while challenging our personal judgment.

    Jackie Heymann

    Privilege Walk Speaker

    Education Program Coordinator

    MSU Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives.

    What is a Privilege Walk?

  • You're invited!

    Take a look at some of our past and upcoming events. We encourage you to attend!

    Weekly Meetings

    Come learn about the struggles of children around the world every Tuesday in Holden Hall.

    Human Trafficking Awareness

    Professor Jeremy Norwood will be sharing his expertise in human trafficking indicators.

    Social Night

    Come join us for a night of fun and games!

    Coffee Hours

    Don't miss our Human Trafficking talk on Friday October 11th

    Privilege Walk

    Come learn about the prevailing existence of societal privilege

    UNICEF Trick or Treat

    Help UNICEF MSU raise funds for humanitarian efforts across the globe

    Officer Recruitment

    Join our officer team today !


  • Upcoming Events

    Everyone is welcome to our events.

  • Check-In

    Checking in to our weekly meetings gives you the opportunity to obtain services hours and memebership points.

  • Join a Committee

    We want to include you in our work!

    Finance Committee

    We fundraise to help children!

    If you are interested in allocating funding for children who are in need, this committee is for you. The Finance Committee Strives to maximize and seek resources to help children struggles around the world. This committee is open to anyone who is willing to support this cause. The Finance Committee conducts fundraisers, manages monetary transactions, conducts business petitioning, seeks on-campus funding opportunities, and expands the market for fundraising efforts.

    Public Relations Committee

    We share opportunities to help children!

    If you are interested to communicate and share the struggles of children around the world, this committee is for you. The Public Relations Committee is open to anyone who wants to make an awareness of the issues children face around the world and share the work Unicef at MSU is doing to help those issues. This committee manages social media and website, designs promotional merchandise, creates student challenges, hosts recruitment events, and advertises all organizations events.

    Education Committee

    We are the voice of children!

    If you are interested in advocating for children worldwide, this committee is for you. The Education Committee strives to bring light to issues affecting children around the world. This committee is open to anyone who wants to be the voice of children. This committee coordinates tables on campus, plans educational events in the community, produces educational information to expand on children's struggles, and participates on-campus event.

    Executive Committee

    We make it work!

    If you are interested in the management and administration of an organization, this committee is for you. The Executive Committee strives to assure Unicef at MSU is working to its full potential. This committee oversees all club functions, creates officers’ biographies, coordinating officer retreats, acquiring leadership training for officers, records activities and participation, organizes leadership transitions, organizes officers' & members' UNICEF awards.

  • Meet the Team

    We've got a top-notch team!

    Kerrington Curl

    Executive Administrator

    Audrey Damman

    Fundraising Officer

    Luna Chiu

    Event Coordinator

    Sarah Atwood

    Service Coordinator

    Marie Ghilezan

    Advocacy Coordinator

    Salem Fezum

    Vice President of Finance

    Zahra Ahmad

    Education Programming Officer

    Cyndal Hussein

    Fundraising Coordinator

    Gabi Rodriguez

    Vice President of Public Relations

    Hanoor Kaur

    Student Relations Officer

    Emmy Wu

    Outreach Delegate

    Carrigan Heffner

    Research Editor

    Sumaiya Islam

    Advocacy Delegate

    Maura Culler

    Operations Coordinator

    Puja Kumar

    Outreach Specialist

    Susan Si

    Public Relations Delegate

    Nikit Parakh

    Student Coordinator

    Natalia Avery

    Marketing Coordinator

    Shania Luk

    Finance Delegate

    Lavaanya Jain

    Executive Assistant

    Liam Timmerman

    Vice President of Advocacy

    Rachel Nassimbwa

    Advocacy Executive

    Jeff Peng

    Public Relations Executive

    Paula Salazar- Valiente


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